"Nano-Dimer Technology in a new composite material: one year clinical performance"

Nano-Dimer Technology in a new composite material

Authors: Holli Riter, DDS, Loma Linda University, California, USA

"N'Durance's dimer acid based monomer contributes to a lower volumetric shrinkage, and reduced stress at the bonding area (Bracho-Troconis). Therefore there is less chance for a break in the bond of resin to tooth structure. The nano-technology filler particles such as those particles in N'Durance help make the composite high in wear resistance and fracture strength (Mitra). Though few long term studies exist on resins with nano-fillers, this classification of composite has the potential to retain the advantages and limit the disadvantages of the microfilled or microhybrid composites (LeSage). 
N'Durance's easy handling characteristics add to its appeal. It has good consistency and lacks stickiness which makes placement relatively easy. The author felt that covering the unused portions of the composite was essential as the material will start to cure under room lights. N'Durance is an excellent clinical choice for anterior restorations, showing high physical and esthetic characteristics. The handling characteristics are good, due to the composite's smooth consistency and the lack of stickiness."